A boundary can be seen and tangible, as in a fence at the end of a road, or it can be felt and intangible, as in letting a fear of the unknown stifle one’s success.

If there are NO Boundaries, the door is opened for literally any interpretation…a suburb’s encroachment, a child playing, the open sea, writing a first poem.

Our Collective of Photographers have taken the concept of No Boundaries and run with it. Each has developed an idea and made images that express their singular interpretation. The mix of photographic imagery is interesting to look at and thought provoking.

In our exhibition, some artists have included a statement of their reflections on this theme. Be sure to read their thoughts.

Our Collective of Photographers pride themselves on their individuality and photographic skill set. Please enjoy the great variety of styles and interpretations and while doing so, imagine what your own version might be of No Boundaries.

Donna Cosentino,
Barbara BeckGrant BrittainStephen DavisJodie HuldenAndrea MatthiesBrandy SebastianTom VancisinKeiko YamasakiShow Card