My birthplace is Japan, where I lived until I was 26 years old. At that time, I accompanied my husband to the US and immediately started pursuing a 2nd college degree. After graduating from UCSD, I worked as a software engineer in San Diego. In 2014, I retired due to the health reasons and decided to learn photography. I started taking pictures when I was 14 but never had any formal training. I met Donna Consentino, who was a photography professor at Palomar College. She became my teacher and mentor. She contributed greatly to the development of my perspectives.
I am a member and society photographer for San Diego Turtle and Tortoise society. My pictures have been futured in our monthly magazines. Also, one of my images was featured in “Through the Lens” book, commemorating 50 years of the Anza-Borrego Desert Foundation.
As a member of the California Wolf Society. I did presentations at local meetings to help their conservation effort. My nature conservation effort doesn’t stop there. I am also a member of the Joshua Tree National Park Association and the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.
I belong to the Inland Empire Photo Club and actively participate in their outings and contests. I also participate in week-long outings and club meetings with the San Clemente based Photographic Art Club.
MY intent with joining the photography’s Eye Collectives was to further educate myself in photography.
Travel is one of my passions. My parents took me to the Japan Alps area every summer. That may be the main reason for my love of mountains, lakes and rivers. Living in Germany for 3 years really gave me an opportunity to visit many European countries including my dream country, Switzerland. My parents took me to many overseas destinations, also, to boost my experience in appreciating foreign art and culture. My husband work also took me to Middle Eastern countries.
Besides photography, I also love gardening. We have enough fruit trees and vegetables to keep me busy throughout the year.
My residence is in Temecula where I live with 1 dog and 1 California desert tortoise.

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