• To bring together a Collective of passionate, caring and talented photographers for the purpose of creating a space to show fine photography in a gallery setting known as the Photographer’s Eye, located at 326 E Grand Ave Escondido.

  • To make available a darkroom workspace for analog and alternative photography at the site through providing a facility that will be available 24/7 to the Collective and available for rent by the hour to the wider photography community.

  • To provide a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and in which respectful and relevant discussion of the photographic craft will take place as well as the exchange of knowledge through an on-site library.

  • To encourage teaching and learning through classes and workshops for the photographic community, and to share knowledge of the craft free of cost to young people, seniors and the at-risk population.

  • To display the Collective’s photographic work through three exhibitions yearly. Donna Cosentino or a guest curator will create additional exhibitions throughout the year.

Gallery FrontThe Photographer's Eye Gallery