We sincerely feel that photography can change lives. The Photographer’s Eye was created with this ideal in mind. We wish to enhance the understanding of photography as an art as well as a tool for personal growth, and as a universal language. Our exhibitions are diverse and representative of the myriad ways photography impacts society.

From our inception we have encouraged teaching and learning about photography. Our non-profit mission is to further grow photography education through providing scholarships for college and high school photography students and free classes for children, seniors and those at risk.

Our commitment is to the community of photographers and non-photographers alike.  Led by our passion for the photographic arts, we hope to inspire, share knowledge, and become a cultural leader through partnering with those who appreciate this same enthusiasm for our mission.


Board Member-  June Rady

Board Member- Philipp Scholz Rittermann

President - Donna Cosentino

Vice President-Judith Preston

Secretary - Deb Hellman

Treasurer-Priscilla Monger