We sincerely feel that photography can change lives. The Photographer’s Eye was created with this ideal in mind. We wish to enhance the understanding of photography as an art as well as a tool for personal growth, and as a universal language. Our exhibitions are diverse and representative of the myriad ways photography impacts society.

From our inception we have encouraged teaching and learning about photography. Our non-profit mission is to further grow photography education through providing scholarships for college and high school photography students and free classes for children, seniors and those at risk.

Our commitment is to the community of photographers and non-photographers alike.  Led by our passion for the photographic arts, we hope to inspire, share knowledge, and become a cultural leader through partnering with those who appreciate this same enthusiasm for our mission.



Donna Cosentino portrait w/rollei croppedDonna Cosentino portrait w/rollei cropped


President - Donna Cosentino

In a life dedicated to photography since 1971, Donna Cosentino has been a news photographer, museum docent, curator, educator, and leader in the photographic community.  After thirty years of teaching photography, Donna retired and opened The Photographer’s Eye in Escondido, a gallery whose mission is to enlighten and educate the community on the history and art of photography through exhibitions and classes. 



Board Member -  June Rady June Rady HeadshotJune Rady Headshot

June Rady was born and raised in Escondido. She was assistant/administrator at Palomar College for 40 years and served as a two term member of the Escondido City Council.

Her community service includes many volunteer positions including President and Member of Board of Directors of Palomar College Retirees’, and President of the Board of Directors of the Escondido History Center.



Board Member - Philipp Scholz Rittermann

Born in 1955, Philipp Scholz Rittermann was raised in Lima, Perú,  moving to Germany in 1969. There he co-founded a photography gallery and taught photography. In 1982 he emigrated to the United States. His photographs are included in more than 100 public, private, and corporate collections, from The Museum of Modern Art, New York to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. A mid-career survey of Rittermann’s work was held at the  Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, and a solo exhibition of Emperor’s River was presented at the museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. He has been teaching photography in the United States and abroad for more than four decades. He lives and works in Southern California and is a great supporter of the photographic arts.


Suda HouseSuda House Board Member - Suda House

Suda House is a photographer of national and international reputation living and working in San Diego, California.  Over four decades ago in Los Angeles, I discovered photography, and since that moment of seeing my first image develop in the darkroom, I have been impassioned about this magical medium. Fast forward through those forty years to San Diego, where I am still practicing my craft, creating and exhibiting my photographs. I am a working photographer sharing my energy on these pages with the hope that my images inspire you to see, to experience and to capture images that reflect your personal vision. It is this power of the individual voice—-one’s unique vantage point on the world that fuels us all to be the best we can be both as photographers-artists but also as extraordinary human beings.




Judith Preston HeadshotJudith Preston HeadshotScreenshot

Vice President - Judith Preston

Judith Preston is a photographer and educator who grew up in rural New England and now lives in Southern California.  She first became interested in photography while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English from Keene State College in New Hampshire.  Exposed to the work of Minor White and Ansel Adams as a student worker in the college’s audio-visual department, she began to pursue still photography as a visual avenue of communication. 

Her first serious work was a documentary project of photographs of the residents of a low-income housing project in a small town in Southern Vermont.  Turning her attention to the Vermont landscape, she began experimenting with black & white infrared film as a way to express the spiritual quality of nature.  Wanting to delve into the medium even further, she entered the graduate program in photography at Ohio University, Athens, receiving her MFA in 1986. Currently, she is interested in low-tech approaches to image-making such as the Holga plastic camera and non-traditional alternative processes. Since 1988, she has taught traditional b&w darkroom, color negative printing, digital photography, and the history of photography.


Deb Hellman HeadshotDeb Hellman Headshot

Secretary - Deb Hellman

Deb Hellman is a photographer and member of the Photographer’s Eye Collective from its inception. She is a volunteer to many community events and a strong supporter of the gallery’s mission.





Priscilla Monger HeandshotPriscilla Monger Heandshot

Treasurer - Priscilla Monger

Priscilla Monger is the Treasurer holding degrees in Accounting, Business Management and Data Processing. She received her bachelor’s degrees in Hawaii and South Dakota, respectively. She has worked with private, public, and nonprofit entities as a Staff Accountant and Accounting Manager working with various accounting software applications. She has experience working in manufacturing, real estate, IT services, hotels and hospital environments preparing financial and budget reporting, year-end external and internal audits, and various tax reports.

 She obtained an Associates Degree in Photography while working full time as an Accountant attending night classes at Grossmont College, Palomar College, and City College. She was featured in the Best of College Photography Annual by the Photographer’s Forum, placed Best of Show and Best Black and White/Creative category in the North County Photographic Society Member Show and placed 1st in the Creative/Alternative Process Category in the San Diego County Fair Photography Exhibition. Her love and passion for photography continues today as an endless journey of discovering and experimenting in capturing images. 




Brandy J Sebastian HeadshotBrandy J Sebastian Headshot Brandy J Sebastian

Brandy Sebastian is a multi-faceted visionary, seamlessly merging the worlds of photography, fine art, and boundless creativity. With a practiced eye and a lens that captures the essence of every subject, she effortlessly shines as both a professional photographer and an artistic force. Her captivating works have graced the walls of numerous solo and group exhibitions across the western region. Brandy's photographs evoke emotion, transport viewers to ethereal realms, and ignite a profound appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. As a member of several photographic associations in San Diego, such as the True North Photo Society, Snow Creek Collaborative, Artist Alliance - Oceanside Museum of Art, Laguna Art A Fair and as a founding luminary of the esteemed Photographer's Eye Collective, Brandy actively nurtures a vibrant community of fellow artists. Not limited to her photographic prowess alone, Brandy's artistic talents extend beyond the frame. Since the inception of The Photographer's Eye Collective, she has meticulously curated and maintained their gallery website. In addition, she effortlessly designs, cuts, and masterfully installs gallery show vinyl graphics for each exhibition.





The Photographer's Eye Collective is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit 87-0884979