Donna Cosentino has been passionately engaged in Photography since that first moment of darkroom magic experienced in 1971. The street-shooting genre she practiced led her to a job as a photojournalist at a North San Diego County daily newspaper where she worked for seven years.
She began teaching photography at Palomar College thirty years ago. During that time, she also ran the International Photography Competition at the San Diego County Fair, managed the Photographer's Gallery in Escondido, and ran California destination photography workshops with her business, Photographic Explorations. Now as a retired Palomar College photography faculty, she has initiated The Photographer’s Eye Collective in Escondido.
Donna most often works in Black and White film using a Nikon F3, a Rolleiflex twin lens, a Zone VI 4x5, and a 1970's Polaroid SX70.

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