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Being a Skateboarder and a skate photographer have always been about Pushing the Boundaries. There are no real Rules when doing either of these activities, pushing one's limits makes it all that much more exciting and experimentation is the way to progression. I decided to make some photographs from film negatives in the darkroom and break the most basic rule of the darkroom, "Don't turn on the light when the paper is developing". A lot of guesswork and trial and error goes into Solarizing a photographic print, from how much initial exposure to give it, to how long it stays in the developer, to how much white light you expose the image to. You can also throw in some Chance and Luck into the equation, the final result is never the same. I am always amazed at what comes up in the tray and the Boundaries truly are Limitless.
Tony Hawk, Del Mar 1983Dave Hackett, Tokyo 1989Steve Caballero, Cupertino 1987Reese Simpson, Tokyo 1989