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For the No Boundaries exhibition, I chose to focus my camera lens on a situation that I see occurring within many of our nation’s communities. There is a continual commercialization of available open spaces, and the Strip Mall seems to be the primary choice of developers. There appears to be no restrictions (NO BOUNDARIES) placed on developers to regulate how many Strip Malls are put up or what stores can open within the Strip Mall. Travel down many of the main streets of our cities and observe the endless stretch of mall after mall, each containing stores that offer the same type of services.
Many of these Strip Malls have become an eyesore within the community with dilapidated structures, boarded up store fronts, and signage that have faded or broken panels. Within a vast majority of these same communities where the Strip Malls are in abundance there exists a shortage of housing. NO BOUNDARIES placed on the ventures that will bring in money while the citizens who spend their pay checks have few choices for affordable housing.

Stephen Davis
Crossroads Plaza, San MarcosLittle Caesars Plaza, VistaMission Plaza, San Marcos