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In the No Boundaries exhibition I have placed four unique pieces of photography. Three using the wet cyanotype process and one abstract landscape.

The three wet cyanotype pieces are from the Sea-drift Collection. The wet cyanotype process breaks the boundaries of traditional cyanotype by introducing moisture to the chemically treated paper and using exposures in sunlight up to 24 hours or longer. I’m fascinated with the artistic freedom to take a photographic process developed in the 1800’s and make it new. In the process an amazing transformation of colors takes place introducing a variety of shades of blues, aqua and gold. This collection is a photogram using layers of found objects from the ocean and beach; a few of these are sea-weed, sand and palm fronds.

The abstract landscape,“Summer Dream, Yellowstone” has a dreamlike mood. I photographed a reflection of the surrounding landscape in one of the geothermal pools. If you’re familiar with Yellowstone you know the pools are rich in many magnificent colors typically blues, red and yellows. Breaking the boundaries, I rotated the image from how it was originally shot to show the landscape as our eyes would view it. This piece reflects and enhances the memory of the moment, bringing together the pool colors and the stunning landscape of Yellowstone National Park.

Barbara Beck

Summer Dream, YellowstoneSeaweed No. 4: Sea-drift CollectionSeaweed No 5: Sea-drift CollectionSummer Day: Sea-drift Collection