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Tom received a BS in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island in 1978. He enjoyed a long career as a computer programmer, systems analyst, project manager, trainer, and subject matter expert. Photography became an interest in his late thirties and he pursued photography as a hobby taking classes at various San Diego area community colleges (San Diego City, Grossmont, and Palomar) in both film and digital. In addition, he has taken a number of photography workshops and is an avid reader of books on photography. His film and digital prints have been in the San Diego County Fair International Photography Exhibition multiple times. Tom found that photography provided the necessary creative outlet to balance his work life. In December 2017 he retired and now devotes more time to his passion for photography. He specializes in black and white landscapes.
"Point Lobos Trees""Garrapata Beach""Yosemite Falls and Reflection""Yosemite Trees"