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I have been an artist who uses a camera since grade school. Trading in my Brownie Starmite for 35mm in the mid-60s, I graduated through the subsequent years of high school, college, and a stint as a Marine Corps officer to larger formats; eventually finding and adopting 8x10 in the early-80s.
I also moved from making photographs for others, pictures I knew or at least hoped people would like; to making photographs for myself; making photographs in which I had some emotional skin. I realized that I was now photographing places and things because of my interconnectedness with those subjects. I was making photographs because of the experience of making that connection; because making the picture gave me, gave my heart and soul a sense of my and the subject's place in a much larger physical and spiritual world.
"Seattle Locks""Church Steps" Sienna, Italy"Schoolhouse" Darwin, California"Old Bicycle" Huachuca City, Arizona Junkyard"Shell Gas Station" Elkin, Arizona"Old Gas Station" Jacumba, California"Morning Fog" Mission Trails, San Diego"Eagle Falls" Lake Tahoe"Humbolt Redwoods""Panamint Mountains from Mesquite Dunes" Death Valley Dunes"Jetty" New Jersey Shore"Lone Rock" Weston Beach, California"Nested Rocks" Weston Beach, California"Valley of Fire" Nevada