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Series: "Clouds Over the Pacific"

Artist Statement
These images are the start of a year long project. To photograph the ocean and sky/clouds from one location, Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. I was drawn, if not compelled, to this location and subject in June of this year. While driving one day, I was struck by the beauty of the cloud formations. They were dense, ominous, and moody. I quickly raced back home, grabbed my camera and headed out to photograph. I ended up at Sunset Cliffs looking at the boundless expanse of the Pacific and sky above. I immediately felt a sense of serenity at Sunset Cliffs. The sound of waves crashing at the base of the cliffs below me filled my ears. I became mesmerized looking at clouds with their constant parade of movement drifting in front of me and over my head. I’ve felt the same almost every time I’ve gone back over the last few months.
Clouds Over the Pacific - 7/22/19 6:36 pmClouds Over the Pacific - 7/22/19 7:07 pmClouds Over the Pacific - 7/24/19 6:34 pm7/24/19 8:01 pmClouds Over the Pacific - 7/9/19 7:04 pmAbove Olympus