Director Statement:

Consider water. Its beauty is in its changeability, its elegance in its predictability.

We are each touched daily in some way by water’s presence. It can be fearsome and dangerous, or melodic and soothing. It cleanses us. It feeds us. Its absence can create landscapes, its excess can destroy landscapes. We are made of it. It flows through our lives almost as easily as the air we breathe, and yet we rarely stop to understand its perfect nature...the light reflected, the distortions created, the liquid colors swirling.

When an artist encounters water there can be a profound and perhaps mysterious connection...
an acute awareness, an exploration of self, an exploration of form and shape.

Our artists have examined their relationship with water in myriad ways. From small detail to wide landscape view, from figurative to abstract. Each
with their unique viewpoint.

We hope you enjoy the work of our Collective of photographers.

Donna Cosentino, Director
The Photographers Eye Collective

Barbara BeckGrant BrittainEmily KimAndrea MatthiesBrandy SebastianTom VancisinKeiko YamasakiShowcard