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There’s something special about how light glistens off crystal droplets of water creating a kaleidoscope of bokeh. It gives me a sense of other worlds almost a gateway into another dimension. That thought led me to the female form and the importance of life, mother’s milk, water in forms of rivers, oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, and natural springs that cover our earth like a blanket and how instrumental it all is in sustaining life. Throughout history man has associated the female form with water, creating water goddesses, protectors of sailors, destroyers of ships and sirens to a man’s heart, bringer of life, death, and curing the sick. Many cultures like the Egyptians, Chinese, Hindu, Aztec, Roman, Greek, Norsemen, and Irish, naming a fraction of believers, honored water goddesses and deities by giving offerings of horns, weapons, tablets, gold trinkets as well as the sacrificing of human life or their ceremonially wrapped dead. “Water has always been regarded as a particular sacred element of the landscape, worshipped for its life-giving and generative force”, written by Dr. Noémie Beck / 12.04.2009, Professor of Irish Studies. Water is beauty and femininity, it is mother earth.
I wanted to show both water and light with a female form as my visual thoughts in one. I have a passion for diptychs and the story they tell beyond a single image. How they play off one another and give you more of a plot wither literally or imagined. It’s like listening to music and hearing and feeling the tones, sounds, and pitch of a chord, but as a visual music note. My final images are an experimentation of water, light and the bokeh created with the interaction of the goddess of water, bringer of life. How, when overlapped, the final piece creates a symphony of conversation and emotion. Presentation of the images on metallic pearl face-mounted acrylic has equal importance to the imagery as it gives it a sense of liquidity and movement.

Brandy Sebastian

Spans of Time and Space: Giver SeriesCycle of Life: Giver SeriesWhere the River Flows: Giver SeriesRush: Giver Series