Brandy Sebastian

Media: Archival Pigment Print
Print Size: 4" x 4" Framed 6" x 10"
Price: $125
Artist Statement:

The gamut of one’s emotions that bubble to the surface in the discovery of an ultimate betrayal resembles that of a natural disaster. The lies, the hidden truths, manipulation of information, lack of communication, and the feeling of not being valued are all manifestations of someone's fear of the unknown. The differences in how one handles their emotions to that of another is blinding. One person's actions of betrayal can have a ripple effect on many lives, leading to feelings of loss, grief, sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, fear, and nervousness about the future. This wave of emotions can be overwhelming, and the inevitability of change is difficult to accept, especially when it was not the change we had hoped for.

Brandy Sebastian