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The Gallery also has a selection of 'Bin Prints' available from Kris's three series, 'Fly Away Breath', 'Soul of a Woman', and 'Hush' featured at the current exhibition WOMAN/SELF now until April 6th.
There are additional bin prints from the series not show on the site.
Gallery hours are Thursday - Friday - Saturday 11am-5pm
Bird and Profile_Gallery Bin PrintWide Open Ocean_Gallery Bin PrintPartial Bird/Half Face_Gallery Bin PrintFly Away Breath_Gallery Bin PrintLa Jolla Shores Plastic Bag_Gallery Bin PrintBlue Bakery Plastic_Gallery Bin PrintFigure 82 & Figure 12_Gallery Bin Print #1Figure 82 & Figure 12_Gallery Bin Print #2Look Up Look Down_Gallery Bin PrintFlat Face_Gallery Bin PrintDespair_Gallery Bin PrintNaked Face_Gallery Bin PrintBlue Face_Gallery Bin PrintSeated Figure_Gallery Bin PrintSoft Torso 01_Gallery Bin PrintStand In_Gallery Bin PrintStand in 03_Gallery Bin PrintStand In 02_Gallery Bin Print