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"Where Time Goes Slow""Where Time Goes Slow"Where Time Goes Slow
Barbara Beck

Media: Platinum Palladium Print
Size: 12"x16" Framed
Price: $285
Self-portraits, Pinhole Photography

My great-grandmother was Lisbeth Belle born in 1876. She was an independent and adventurous woman, especially for her time. She often traveled alone as a young woman and continued well up into her eighty’s. Her preferred mode of transportation for long distances was always by train. For these two selections I reflected on a family memory from early 1950’s when she decided it was time for a trip to see her relatives. Great grandma secured her train ticket and left her home without letting anyone know she was on the way from Phoenix to Ohio. The telephone rang at my grandmother’s, and G-Grandma announced, “Flo, I’m at the train station have Charlie come pick me up, I’m waiting.” I enjoyed creating these photographs, which playfully connect me to an imagined time in my great grandmother’s life and the sweet story of “I’m waiting”.

Landscapes, Platinum Palladium Prints

My connection with nature has always been deep. I have fond memories of spending summer days with my brother, cousins and friends exploring the fields, playing by a stream, or sitting under a big tree reading. These are the times that shape who we are, and the unforgettable memories become the moments that tell our story.

Barbara Beck

"Escape to Dream""Where Time Goes Slow""Self Portrait, Journey""Self Portrait, Waiting"