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Artist Bio:

Morgan DeLuna was born and raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and relocated to Southern California in 2004.
Primarily a conceptual self-portrait artist, DeLuna's work explores the human condition and liminal space. Themes addressing the relationship between identity, appearance, and human connection are presented to create questions, dialog, and engagement between the viewers.
DeLuna's work is informed by her personal life experiences of growing up in an ethnically and religiously diverse family and a long-standing interest in the fields of anthropology, history, and science.

Artist Statements:

On Instagram @ava.cast
Taking the perfect selfie, with all the right filters, when your hair is working, and your makeup is on point, for that one perfect image. As a xennial who lives in the limbo of a pre and post social media era I felt the need and curiosity to understand the allure, effort, pressure, and reward that drives the world of insta personas and avatars.

These intimate and un-retouched self studies came from my earnest intentions to examine form and light. I quickly became fascinated by the topographic quality of my body, specifically at this time and place in my life. The sun freckles that will surely darken, the skin that will grow more translucent over time, the scars that exist and the ones yet to come. These studies come together as visual diary of my current physical being.

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