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Marie Tartar is an avid explorer of the natural world, both above and below the waterline. Whether hiking, diving or biking, she is observing nature and light closely. She is one half of the photographic partnership of San Diego-based Aperture Photo Arts (APA), along with her husband, Steve Eilenberg. Her images from been exhibited at the La Jolla Athenaeum, San Diego Natural History Museum, Oceanside Museum of Art, Birch Aquarium and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Since 2017, Marie has written articles for an online photography e-zine, Photo Focus. Recently, she has been interviewed by Kirby Flanagan for his podcast series, Photographing the West, on topics ranging from whale photography to shooting eclipses and aerial photography via drones.

The ocean holds untold mysteries, a fraction of which I’ve been privileged to witness. Even that sliver of possibilities has been an eye-dazzling delight of riotous color, remarkable camouflage and gasp-inducing surprises. Through photography, I try to capture some of the secrets of this baffling and beautiful universe- fleeting moments, miracles of light and pattern, an orderly web of interwoven lives so foreign and yet so essential to our own. I hope my images convey some of the wonder of our watery world and inspire others to value and conserve the natural world.

Marie Tartar


Guestbook for MARIE TARTAR
Len Ozerkis(non-registered)
Beautiful collection as usual, fantastic color and clarity. I know you work hard under difficult conditions for this close ups. Bravo!
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