Every time I attempt to put together a biography I find it bores even me. Here's the best I can do, use it at your discretion.

California native I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area immediately after high school. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The California College of the Arts. I'm an artist, wife, stepmom, grandmother, traveler, scuba diver, terrible golfer, incompetent cook, and lousy housekeeper. I'm retired from a career in logistics. I've lived most of my life in California but once spent six months exploring New Zealand. My first DSLR was an 8mp Canon Rebel which started my love affair with photography.

Artist Statement
Exploring connections
at the boundary between truth and dreams
marveling at the mystery of life
finding peace in the focused moment

Mystery intrigues me, how we're all connected amazes me, and beauty makes me sigh and long for more.

Explanation of Process
I used a single digital negative from a black & white image, started with a layer of cyanotype, then added two layers of gum.
"Curiosity #1""Curiosity #2""Curiosity #3""Curiosity #4""Sticks & Stones 11""Sticks & Stones 2""Sticks & Stones 6""Sticks & Stones 7""Shrine 03""Shrine 05""Shrine 09""Contemplation V""Contemplation X"