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Kris Moore’s work addresses current events, social engagement, and protecting the natural world.

Ms. Moore began her photographic career in 1971 as a self-taught artist. Her formal studies began in 1975 at Indiana University in the Fine Arts Department. She pursued her practice in New York working as a portrait artist, photojournalist, and fine art photographer. Her work expanded to include commercial video production, copy writing, and video editing in Albuquerque, New Mexico as the owner of High Fire Productions.

In 1990, Moore returned to her passion for still photography while transitioning from film to digital. She is a master inkjet color printer and Photoshop expert. Currently she co-produces Open Show San Diego with Amanda Dahlgren for the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. She taught Portrait Workshops for the nonprofit Outside the Lens at Liberty Station in San Diego in 2014 and 2016. She has shown her work in museums and galleries across the country. Her work is soon to be seen in North Park, San Diego, CA. as a public installation.

A Self Conscious Experiment
Amid the mass of digital selfies that saturate social media and water down authentic dialog; visual artists continue to pursue the self portrait for reasons both practical and sublime.

For a frustrated introvert, the self-portrait is a perfect fit. I love to work alone. If I want a model, I am always available. Lights and camera empower me to act out and purge raw emotions. But navigating through melodrama can be a perilous journey. My strategy teeters between yogic meditation and stand-up comedy.

After the performance, digital files are picked over, discarded, and chosen. The posture of the model as well as formal qualities of light and color are considered. With the final cut selected, I reach the point of overlook where themes emerge as if they have been there all along.

Plastic like God, is everywhere. Fly Away Breath began as a spoof on the suffocation dangers of plastic. Over time the focus shifted to the environmental damage and psychological despair caused by using it.

Hush presents the moods of introversion while celebrating the grace of silence.

Soul of a Woman is an expression of time passing. From rebellion to acceptance, the experience of an aging woman in a male-dominated/youth-obsessed culture tests her nerve, but accumulated wisdom and what frayed bits of strength she can still muster will see her through.

Bird and ProfileWide Open OceanPartial Bird/Half FaceFly Away BreathLa Jolla Shores Plastic BagBlue Bakery PlasticFigure 82 & Figure 12Figure 91 & Figure 16Look Up Look DownFigure 24 & Figure 11Figure 03Ball GownUprightFlat FaceDespairGhostNaked FaceStand In