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"Branches and Sky, 2021""Branches and Sky, 2021"Branches and Sky, 2021
Barbara Beck

Media: Cyanotype toned with Coffee and Yerba Mate
Size: 16"x12" Framed
Price: $185
I contemplated the meaning of “Eye of the Beholder” and what it means to me. My selections exhibited are a combination of what I see in my heart, soul and mind. I’m in my element when I photograph nature and connect with my images on a deeper level by using alternative process photography for printmaking. Love of nature leads me to the landscape subjects, while my heart and mind take me a step further with a hands on approach for the finished art. Each of these pieces have been printed by coating Arches Platine fine art paper with cyanotype chemicals. The print is exposed to light, developed and then further processed and toned with tannins and botanicals. These images were toned with one or a combination of; yerba mate tea, coffee and fenugreek seeds.

Barbara Beck

"Lee Vining Creek, Eastern Sierra""Branches and Sky, 2021""California Oak, 2021""Round Valley, Eastern Sierra"