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Visual Poem: Led to the OrdinaryVisual Poem: Led to the OrdinaryVisual Poem: Led to the Ordinary
Archival Pigment Print
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We often think of a journey as traveling from one destination to another destination. They can be an outward excursion or an inward delving. Some journeys last a lifetime; some are ever-evolving pilgrimages. But all journeys, short or long, include points of stopping. These pauses along the way may be simply for rest and recuperation, but there are also the stoppings of revelation, poignant moments of understanding and appreciation. These images are about our stoppings along the path and how those experiences can often be transformative even in their simplicity and instantaneousness.

These images are from a larger body of work entitled “Seeing Silence”.

Jodie Hulden

Visual Poem: Following FootpathsVisual Poem: Led to the OrdinaryVisual Poem: Sea of DunesVisual Poem: Too Close to Notice