Will Gibson

After spending 7 years in medical research, Will turned his photographic hobby into a vocation in 1979. He opened his own studio a year later. By 1999, the business was a full service commercial studio with a full wet lab and one-stop desktop publishing. What followed next was a three-year sojourn based in Columbus, Ohio where he concentrated on his personal photography traveling the art fair circuit all over the American East.
Returning to Escondido, CA, he began teaching photography at Palomar College and later at UCSD Extension. During the next 15 years he not only taught 15 separate class titles but continued to exhibit his work in group and one man shows, was a founding member of the PhotoArts Group, co-produced six Best of Nature shows at the Natural History Museum and has been a speaker and juror in photo clubs in the greater San Diego area.
Will is currently showing his varied work in his Escondido studio and exploring wet-plate collodion and infrared photography.

One facet of my photographic work has always been an effort to use the camera to allow me to see beyond the limits of my own eyes. My current work here is no exception as it has been captured with a digital camera converted to be sensitive only to infrared, to the exclusion of the visible spectrum. It's been a joy to return to my roots of shooting black and white with a 35mm camera, hand-held as I did 50 years ago. My intention is simply to reveal this unseen world to myself and by extension, show the viewer a new look on the world around us.


"Agave 8571""High Aspiration 8286""Irwin's Garden 8180"