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"Blondes, Diamonds, and Bourbon""Blondes, Diamonds, and Bourbon"Blondes, Diamonds, and Bourbon
Stephen Cook

Media: Archival Pigment Print on Epson Exhibition Fibre
Size: TBD
Price: TBD

"A nod the the classic detective novels and movies of the 40's and 50's."
Stephen Cook: Spies, Detectives, and the Femme Fatale

Stephen started when photographs were created using emulsion film, making it a mysterious black art. He was immediately drawn to the craft and process of photography and intrigued by the potential of capturing the world on a piece of paper. A lifelong Californian loving the wonders provided to the state, from the power of the sea to the majesty of the mountains, he has captured the wonders of the state, and the world, for 50 years.
Working as a commercial photographer, he refined his skills with studio lighting, location productions, and lifestyle imaging for local and national accounts.
Stephen attended San Diego City College and studied commercial photography under the tutelage of Jack Stevens. He continued studying film at San Diego State University but eventually realized his first love is still photography. Working at a black & white lab, he honed his printing skills.
Retired now, he is dedicated to fine art photography that explores the wonders of people, relationships, Christianity, and the world using creative and created imagery.

Imagine a project inspired by the classic Film Noir cinema of the 1930s, 40s, and ’50s, entertaining the world with spies, counterspies, double agents, police detectives, private detectives, and beautiful women working in the shadows solving crime, challenging the Third Reich, and drinking bourbon. Let’s add color and make it still photographs, and you have the vision of Stephen Cook for Spies, Detectives, and the Femme Fatale.

"Blondes, Diamonds, and Bourbon""Elm St. Homicide""The Diamond Job"