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"Grieving Joy #8""Grieving Joy #8"Grieving Joy #8
Robert Treat

Media: Cyanotype
Framed Size: 16"x20"
Price: $500
Robert Treat

Robert Treat is a California artist whose paintings and photographs are exhibited and collected nationally. Primarily nature oriented, Robert's photographs exhibit a strong structural awareness often verging into unconscious abstraction. These concerns of nature and structure also become a basis in his paintings. Working with primitive materials such as beeswax and asphalt, Robert's paintings result in sensuous tactile surfaces and strong active shapes. For him it is a way of rediscovering a primary sense of self, a quality that tends to get repressed by today's modernity in general and media representation in particular. Robert's formal training is in Architecture and Fine Arts from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After graduation, his interests expanded to include large format photography and film animation. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to study and teach with a variety of creative individuals including Ansel Adams and Chuck Jones. Along with his photographic and painting career, he has been involved in the Hollywood animation industry for over thirty years. Robert currently resides in San Diego.

Have you ever lost a long time friend? Husband? Wife? It's the most gut wrenching feeling one could ever experience. The grief can be completely debilitating.
When my husband died unexpectedly, I went down a rabbit hole with no expectations of ever returning. The joy of living was gone. So, being a painter, printmaker and photographer I decided to called upon these creative energies to help pull me out from this bottomless pit.
As my intellectual mind was (and still is) numb, it was important to do something that was simple, requiring minimal technological involvement. So became this ongoing body of cyanotypes. These minimal images stem from a purely intuitive place involving the therapeutic activity of mark-making. The cyanotype process permits me to draw and scrape with ink and other medium on acetate to create a contact negative. This is a very spontaneous, process oriented event.

"Grieving Joy #8""Grieving Joy #24""Grieving Joy #34"