Louise Russell: EARTH EMOTIONS

Louise searches for places and scenes that express open and unconditional time, where the past, present, and future may be felt. She frames when this combined time and a respect for the living earth and the gifts that the land gives come together. Sometimes these spaces point to the troubles of the place and our engagement with it. Her work has been influenced by Environmentalism, Buddhism, Beauty and her love of Nature.
Louise works with an 8 x 10-inch pinhole and digital cameras producing silver gelatin, inkjet prints, and gold leaf prints on paper vellum. Her work has been featured on Lenscractch.com, presented at Open Show San Diego, 2018, and been exhibited at Photographer's Eye Gallery, Escondido, CA, Soho Photo Gallery, Size Matters Medium Festival, Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, PhotoPlace, and other galleries.

I acknowledge that the land where I produce my photographs is the unceded, traditional territory of the Kumeyaay Band of Nations, past and present.

I’m interested in how others’ feel about nature considering the effects of the many converging ecological crisis threatening our planet. Right now we are still able to experience the beauty and stillness, the power and grandeur of nature, while aware that humanity has set in motion undoable disasters. How do we feel living in this time of such uncertainty?
I’m asking friends to collaborate to make these photographs about their feelings and to write about them.
You can see the writings for the photographs in this exhibit if you turn the page, or by going to my website, www.louiserussellphoto.com/EarthEmotion
Maybe we’ll discover some ways to help us weather the storms and dance in the sunshine.