Kim SignoretPaar

Kim tells stories with her camera. She is currently creating images of people and places with a sense of how the moment feels and at the same time searching for something deeper and referential, opening the curtain for the viewer to see, imagine, feel.
She won her first competition with a B&W photo of a boy in a tree when she was thirteen. With a degree in journalism from the University of Iowa, she went west in 1980. Her career in California and Mexico focused on public relations, publishing and fundraising. Since 2009, Kim has immersed herself in photography and in both 2014 and 2023, she won Best of Show at the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair. In addition to competing and showing her photography in various venues, Kim teaches iPhoneography at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Retirement Center. She is currently president of Poly Photo Club at Balboa Park.

In October 2019, I traveled in Morocco with British-born photographer Darren Lewey who lives in Essaouira with his Moroccan wife and daughter. I was looking to capture through my camera lens the vibrant essence of this enchanting country, revealing the intimate moments and authentic lifestyles that breathe life into its rich cultural tapestry. I strived to illuminate the hidden narratives and celebrate some of the facets of Moroccan life. With an eye for detail and a genuine appreciation for the beauty of everyday moments, I worked to craft a visual ode to Morocco.

We went to the High Atlas Mountains, photographing people in villages and markets, and Nomad women and children in their tents. Then we headed to the south to the Sahara Desert, stopping in a few places, including the Ksar El Khorbat. Here are brief descriptions of the three images:

Our interpreter Yousef took us to his home before we visited the morning market. His wife Fatima had just come in from feeding the animals. An opening in the ceiling of their home brought light down on her for me to create this photograph.

We drove off-road high into the mountains to visit a Nomad family, the mother, her children and her mother. Her mother baked bread for us to have with mint tea. The children ran around playing while the men were out with the animals.

In the Ksar El Khorbat, I spent an afternoon and morning photographing Aicha and her children while she worked cleaning the passageways as they played. This image is one of my favorites as the morning light streams in illuminating the dust in the air from her work.
Kim SignoretPaar

"Feeding the animals""Baking bread""Cleaning the Ksar tunnels"