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"Bowing to meet the wind""Bowing to meet the wind"Bowing to meet the wind, 2022
Longing for Home Series
Janet Wytrych

Media: Sepia-Toned Infrared
Archival Pigment Print on Moab Entrada Rag Bright Matte Paper
Print Size: 5"x3¾", Framed 9¼"X11"
Price: $225

Location: Namskaket Marsh – Barnstable County, MA; Date taken: 10/14/2022
Janet Wytrych

Janet Wytrych is a self-taught, San Diego based photographer; she uses the word "self taught" loosely. While she has no formal art education, she credits the many photo groups to which she has belonged over the years and the many photographer’s workshops and lectures she has attended with helping her hone her skills and refine her vision. She is currently a member of the Snow Creek Collaborative. She specializes in the intimate landscape (which are often still life or abstract in nature).
“I love spending time in nature, immersing myself and getting lost...looking and seeing.
I revel in the found image/composition ...something that literally stops me in my tracks and begs a second glance.”

These images from Namskaket Marsh (Barnstable County, MA) are part of what’s intended to be a larger series called “Longing for Home” and will include images from Torrey Pines Salt Marsh (La Jolla, CA).
They are love letters to home. Where is home? Is it the place we reside? Is it the place we grew up? Or is it a place that resonates with us and calls for us to explore it, stay a while, and maybe even uproot and replant ourselves there? Is it a real place, cached somewhere in our memory or does it only exist in our mind’s eye? A small piece of home that we miss and take with us wherever we go, forever looking for similarities? Or just the feeling of home and the recognition as such whenever and wherever we feel it?


"Bowing to meet the wind""Seeing through""Moving Toward""Along the way"