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"Meditation 2""Meditation 2"Meditation 2
Folded Landscape Series
Brandy J Sebastian

Media: Archival Pigment Print on Moab Lasal Matte and Double Printed Folded Tessellation
Print Size: 12”x12”x3½”
Frame Size: 13¼”x13¼”x4”
Price $630
Brandy Sebastian: Folded Scapes

Folded Scapes seamlessly intertwine the arts of practice and meditation, harmonizing the worlds of photography and the delicate craft of paper folding. Immersed in a landscape meticulously chosen, I attune myself to the environment, from the earth beneath my feet to the captivating scene that unfolds before me, and the ethereal interplay of light and sky above. It is a choreographed performance, a dance of perception, where I become a witness to how light cascades, how composition is captured, and how it precisely reflects the essence of my emotions in that fleeting moment. It transcends the mere freezing of time; it encapsulates an intricate narrative, evoking the depth of my mental and physical presence within that space. This symbiotic relationship between space and time creates a delicate and enchanting fluidity of movement.
The art of folding paper, whether it be into repetitive patterns, mesmerizing tessellations, or recognizable shapes—a cherished discipline known as Origami—embodies the very essence of patience, logic, attentiveness, and unwavering concentration. For me, the act of crafting an image or meticulously shaping a tessellation requires an identical skill set. The convergence of these two art forms gives birth to a captivating creation—the Folded Landscape. Even the mere mention of this title evokes images of the earth folding rocks, dirt, and the passage of time itself. In my own folds, I bear witness to the imprints of time, revealing the fruits of my meditative journey.

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