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Lemoux: "Pose Study"

Pose Study
Annie Lemoux

Media: 6 separate Polaroid Emulsion Lifts from Polaroid 609 instant color film. Assembled as seen in the show. Shot on slide/positive color film with a triple lens filter
Frame Size: 18 ¼" x 22 ¼"
Price: $400 (one of a kind)

Polaroid Emulsion Lift Method:
After being shot the image is first projected onto Polaroid instant 609 color film. (The size of the Polaroid film used here). It is then cooked in hot water until the emulsion “lifts” itself off from its substrate. The emulsion, which now is a very thin, pliable piece of film as delicate as a light piece of silk, is taken out, placed on a piece of archival art paper and straightened or given whichever shape the artist desires. It is left to dry and sprayed with a protective coating.
Lemoux: "Pose Study"