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Juror's Choice - Wilson: "Pyramid Ghost"

Juror's Choice

Pyramid Ghost
Barbara Wilson

Media: Albumen Pinhole

My process begins by first taking a photograph using an old Agfa bellows camera, usually mounted on a tripod. I turned it into a pinhole camera having replaced the lens with a shim of brass with a pinhole in it. The camera takes 120 film and the negatives are 21/4 X 31/4 inches. I use an incident light meter set at ISO 3 f64. The exposures run from a few seconds to ten minutes. I use both black & white and color negative film ASA 400. I process my black & white and send the color out to a commercial lab.
The negatives are scanned into the computer and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. They are enlarged and printed on transparency film and contact printed on albumen coated Arches Platine paper that has been coated with silver nitrate. The prints are then developed in water, fixed, hypo cleared, washed again and hung to dry.
Juror's Choice - Wilson: "Pyramid Ghost"