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Juror's Selection - Gammon: "Easkey Roost at Dusk"

Juror’s Selection

"Easkey Roost at Dusk"
Matthew Gammon

Media: Photopolymer Gravure
Price: $1200

An image is captured on a plate that can be inked and printed by pressure through an etching press. Simple enough in theory. From the days of Fox Talbot through Camera Works to the early twenty-first century photogravure was the territory of master printmakers. It was a delicate difficult process involving so many steps and toxic chemicals. Like so much, digital now offers us another way forward to soulful prints. Modern inkjet printers let us make a transparent positive which is then placed against a plate covered with an emulsion of photo-initiating polymer. Exposure to UV light transfers the image to the plate where it can be “etched” with water. There are three basic ways to accomplish this: single exposure with transparency, dual exposure with screen and transparency, and most recently, direct-to-plate.
Juror's Selection - Gammon: "Easkey Roost at Dusk"