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Director's Selection - Connors: "More Rocks and Birds"

Selected by Director Donna Cosentino

"More Rocks and Birds"
Matt Connors

Media: Palladium Print
Price: $350

Platinum is the more permanent of the two, gives a cooler image tone and better separation in the highlights. Palladium is warmer, and gives better separation in the shadows of the print. Many printers use a combination of the two to reap the benefits of both. In any case, the prints exhibit a very long scale in the mid-tones, possess a feeling of depth (due the fact that the paper has no gelatin overcoat), and are completely archival without the use of fixer or long wash times. The process is very low contrast, meaning that subjects photographed with a seven or even an eight stop range may be printed with detail. In smaller film sizes (120 and 4x5), a negative which yields a full range silver print will work fine. In larger film sizes, the practitioner may want to give an extra stop of exposure, ensuring that the shadow areas of a scene have full detail in the negative. Too much over-exposure is a detriment, as it will cause longer and longer print exposure times. Use of the "Zone System" for exposure and development control is highly recommended.
Director's Selection - Connors: "More Rocks and Birds"