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Special Mention - Beck: "Solitary"

Special Mention

Barbara Beck

Media: Pinhole Camera, Hand Colored, Encaustic
Frame Size: "12x10"
Print Size: "10x8"
Price: $400

Artist Statement:
Location: Oceanside Pier, California
Process: Digital pinhole camera (lens-less photography), hand-colored, encaustic

I am drawn to using alternative photography in new ways. It was a natural progression to hand-color the unique pinhole image and then further enhance my vision through the use of the encaustic technique. For me, it’s all about the surprises and exciting final outcome.

The image “Solitary” has multiple layers of the heated encaustic medium, with each layer being separately fused into the layers below, using a torch and/or heat gun. Through the process of applying the heated wax medium and pigment, fusing and selective scraping and carving into the surface, and then repeating the process the technique creates the depth and translucency that is unique to encaustic art, and ideal for enhancing the mood of this pinhole image.
Special Mention - Beck: "Solitary"