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Dan Burkholder, a Master platinum printer, received both his BA and Master’s Degrees from Brooks Institute of Photography. No stranger to traditional photography, he was a workshop student of Ansel Adams and his mastery of the wet darkroom was highlighted by serving as assistant to both John Sexton and Jerry Uelsmann. In the early 1990’s, he was one of the first photographic artists to embrace digital technology. Originating the digital-negative process in 1992, Dan has helped open doors for all black and white photographers interested in moving into the new electronic technologies. His award-winning book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, is regarded as the most authoritative work in the field.

By sharing his pivotal methods, Burkholder has become a unique teacher and mentor for thousands of photographers by bridging the worlds of classic photography with the evolving digital era. He continues to forge ahead into new areas of photography, preaching the fine art potential of the Apple iPhone and the smaller micro 4/3 cameras.

His innovations introduced two original darkroom techniques, creating the pigment over platinum print in 2001 and the platinum over gold leaf print in 2007.
"Abandoned House on Plain", Colorado by Dan Burkholder"Stand of Trees, Texas" by Dan Burkholder"Jeannette, #1 in a Series" by Dan BurkholderShopkeeper, Ukraine by Dan Burkholder