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WAYNE SWANSON: Modern Relics

Artist Bio:

Wayne Swanson is a fine art and documentary photographer living in San Diego. He is drawn to imagery related to time, memory, atmosphere, a sense of place, and a subtle sense of humor.

Born and raised in Chicago, he is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. His career has included writing and photography for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, and corporate clients. His fine art photography has been included in juried exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Houston, Fort Collins, and more. He has been featured in publications including Shots Magazine, The Hand Magazine, Lenscratch, Rfotofolio, Aint-Bad, and Float. As a writer, he is a contributing editor for PhotoBook Journal.

Artist Statement:

Modern Relics is a nostalgic look at how quickly modern becomes vintage. These pinhole photographs remember products that not so long ago were the epitome of the new in form and function. Now they are quaint reminders of the rapidly accelerating pace of innovation.

The pinhole technique, which dates back to the origins of photography, creates images that blur the details, allowing the ravages of time and use to fade away. What remains is the essence of the iconic designs. My process bridges the new and old. I use a digital camera body, but in place of a lens I use a body cap with a tiny pinhole drilled in the center. This blending of modern and vintage reminds us that while technology is ever-changing, the opportunity for reinvention is ever-present.

Wayne Swanson
"Spine De-Reconstruction""Self-Portrait with Stenosis""Walkie-Talkie", Modern Relics Series"Brownie Starflash", Modern Relics Series"Transistor Radio", Modern Relics Series"Smith-Corona Electric", Modern Relics Series"Gooseneck iMac", Modern Relics Series"Laser Disc #1", Modern Relics Series"Laser Disc #2", Modern Relics Series"Laser Disc #3", Modern Relics Series"Laser Disc #4", Modern Relics Series"Laser Disc #5", Modern Relics Series"CD Player", Modern Relics Series"Nikon Coolpix", Modern Relics Series"Touch-Tone Phone", Modern Relics Series"Flip Phone", Modern Relics Series"Calculator", Modern Relics Series"Travel Alarm", Modern Relics Series"Kitchen Timer", Modern Relics Series"Diskette", Modern Relics Series