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Stacey Prince: Human Artifact

Stacey Prince investigates the wounded and sacred female body, the consequences of power and exploitation of the land and psyche. Stacey is currently completing a master’s thesis to receive an MFA from the School of Art and Design at San Diego State University. She enjoys being challenged by new methods of experimentation, gaining a critical understanding of historical and contemporary contexts. Working across photography, printmaking, and poetry has allowed her to combine her love of art, science, and written word. Stacey holds education workshops for alternative photographic processes. She has been working as a photographer for fourteen years.
Stacey has developed a body of art employing printmaking, photography, and artists’ books. She received the Coordinator Award at the 59th International Exhibition of Photography in Del Mar, CA. Her work was recently on display at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her artist’s books are in the permanent collection at San Diego State University’s Special Collections & University Archives in San Diego, California.

The rutted wasteland of our Earth now bears hidden histories in the form of scars and decay both above and below the ground. The residues of the industrial transformed landscape seep into our psyche. What would the artifacts that humans leave behind tell about how people lived? Can these artifacts renew our future generations and transcend how they depend on Earth and restore its vital function?
I see our human histories in parallel to this human aided transformation of our lands. The process of revealing what is beneath the skin and human psyche connects me to a place where my own hidden artifacts lie. There is an ongoing dialogue in my work between the body, landscape, and artifact, often self-reflective.
The examination of my history, the materiality of the body, psyche, and nature are the major themes in my artwork. I confront a time, self, and a space in which I was vulnerable and allowed myself to be silenced. Photography pauses a moment and allows time for extended contemplation of the human artifacts that I leave behind.
Many of the images in this exhibition were created using a polymer photogravure process. I have a desire to interact physically with my work. In doing so, I can control the exposure of the matrix through various digital manipulations as well as with ultraviolet light. The images are burned onto a plate, inked with an intaglio etching ink and printed with an etching press.

Stacey Prince

"Human Artifact""Self Inscription""Pele""Deep River""Here I Lay - Here I Lie" Series (1)"Here I Lay -  Here I Lie" Series (2)"Here I Lay - Here I Lie" Series (3)"Here I Lay - Here I Lie" Series (4)"The Place" Series (1)"The Place" Series (2)"The Place" Series (3)"The Place" Series (4)"The Place" Series (5)"The Place" Series (6)"Landscape of My Mind""Unspoken" Artist's Book (cover)"Unspoken" Artist's Book (inside)"Unearth" Artist's Book (cover)"Unearth" Artist's Book (inside)"Here I Lay - Here I lie" Artist's Book (cover)