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Member Photographer
Rand Scott Adams

Artist Bio:

Rand received his first camera when he was 10 years old, and has never been without one since. In school he learned darkroom technique and photographed for the school paper and yearbook. In the military he served as a reconnaissance photographer in Viet Nam. Back in the states he taught photography and supervised the darkroom at his base assignment. During a subsequent career in the fire service, he photographed for his agency creating training materials and documenting incidents. Rand has also freelanced throughout his life, doing portraits, weddings, commercial work, and of course his own personal work.
In retirement, Rand has had the privilege of photographing what he wants, when he wants – a real luxury and blessing. Rand is also the sole proprietor of Rand|Photographics, a fine art printing studio and digital color management consultancy.

Artist Statement:

I’ve never viewed photography as “one thing.” It is craft and technique, science and technology, perspective and communication. All this in pursuit of personal expression, and sometimes even genuine art. I love that it can never be mastered. I love the advance of digital technology on the one hand, and the beauty of alternative processes on the other.
I’ve never had the ability - or frankly the desire - to develop a recognizable style. As my mood and interests change, my vision and expression changes. What I do seek is a kind of purity in my work that is satisfying to my soul. When I get close to that, I’m happy.

Rand Scott Adams

Instagram: @randphotographics

"Fern and Sorrel""Whitney Portal - Winter""Leaves - Light""Weston Homage""Mono Haiku""Point Reyes Light""Eastern Sierra - Moonset""Point Reyes Cypress - Fog""Aspens"