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Artist Statement:

Short Stories: Still Life Series

Story telling is what creative people do best, it’s what drives our art. Dealing with emotions and trauma is something that has many challenges and each of us handles that differently. Through the past ten years I have dealt with a disease that has taken more than I can comprehend. I’ve miscarried, gone through fertility treatment, battled anxiety and depression. I have had more than enough surgeries, can’t even count the amount of different medications, and the mass quantity of doctors visits becomes a full time job. All this to deal with a disease called Endometriosis. These still lifes are bits and pieces from my history put into vignettes. Exploring family, loss, and the process of an incurable disease. Each containing a Short Story.
Brandy Sebastian
"Self Portrait""The Kachuck's""Child Lost""Endometriosis 2017-2019"