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“All houses wherein men have lived and died are haunted houses’, according to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in his poem ‘Haunted Houses’.

A door, a window, a memory from the past, are all worthy of a photograph.

Boom and bust in the American West. Leadfield and Cerro Gordo, California are towns built by prospectors in search of silver and lead. “Decaying Ruins” and “Window” were created with an ambience to capture the sense of romance we have with California ghost towns and the people who were seekers of dreams. In the composite photograph “Decaying Ruins” the abandoned architecture is symbolically entangled and returning to the landscape. “Window” lets the viewer sense a personal connection to the location as we gaze through the old window panes so see the historic architecture across the way. Today the remaining buildings are monuments to the adventurers and what once was their home.

Barbara Beck

"Window, Cerro Gordo, California""Decaying Ruin, Leadfield, California""Broken, Inyo County, California"