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ITEM 20: "Summer Visitors to Santa Cruz, 2016" by Ted Orland

ITEM 20:

"Summer Visitors to Santa Cruz. 2016" by Ted Orland

Archival Pigment Print, Unframed, 11"x8" print on 14"x11", Valued at $300

Artist Bio:
My working method isn’t exactly rocket science: I simply hang the camera around my neck, carry it with me everywhere, and photograph pretty much whatever resonates with my view of reality. Think of it as an ongoing two-way conversation between myself and the surrounding world. (And yes, the universe does talk back — my pictures have to earn their Titles.)
My professional career (such as it is) has been essentially one long traverse across the arts spectrum, beginning as a newly minted graphic artist working for renowned designer Charles Eames. Then, a few years later (but still in the era when view cameras roamed the Landscape), I enrolled in Ansel Adams’ Yosemite Photography Workshop — a wonderful experience that evolved into my serving as Ansel Adams’ Assistant and as an instructor at those same Workshops. Working with Ansel brought me into contact with legendary artists like Jerry Uelsmann & Paul Caponigro, while his Workshops introduced me to kindred spirits from my own generation like Linda Connor & Chris Johnson & Sally Mann. Personally, I attribute any success I’ve achieved largely to those early (and still-active) friendships with remarkable people.
Over time, my interests expanded beyond photography per se to include teaching and writing, leading to a life of economic levitation that continues to this day. Nowadays my photography is represented through The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, my writings (most prominently Art & Fear, co-authored with David Bayles) are available under the Image Continuum Press imprint, and my teaching continues via workshops & lectures on topics of artistic development.

Ted Orland

Starting Bid $100
ITEM 20: "Summer Visitors to Santa Cruz, 2016" by Ted Orland