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ITEM 02: "Untitled (Red Dot)" by Amy Caterina

ITEM 02:

"Untitled, (Red Dot)" by Amy Caterina

Polaroid, Framed, 3.5"x4" image round, Valued at $250

Artist Bio:
As an artist, Amy Caterina seamlessly merges what appear to be diverse interests into a compelling and evolving body of mixed media work. There is a literal thread that bands these photographic, fiber, video, and installation work. Driven by the process as content, Caterina's work follows her interests in the physical world revealed through her voyeuristic observations of others' lives and relationships with ephemeral natural environments.
As an educator. Caterina believes every student has an innate curiosity and a natural capacity to be creative, and, as a teacher, it is my goal to create an outlet for this creativity that is conducive to the ways technology is currently shaping education. There is interconnectivity between creativity, technology, and the way students’ interface (or interact) with the world. She uses teaching tools to make this interconnectivity accessible, engaging, and impactful.

Amy Caterina

Starting Bid $100
ITEM 02: "Untitled (Red Dot)" by  Amy Caterina