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ITEM 01: "Pin Cushion" by Amanda Dean Dahlgren

ITEM 01:

"Pin Cushion"
Series: Symptoms of an Anxious Mind, 2020
by Amanda Dean Dahlgren

Archival Pigment Print, Framed & Unglazed, 13"x13”, Valued at $300

Artist Bio:
Amanda Dahlgren is a San Diego-based photographic artist whose work opens dialogues about the way we live as a society and what we choose to value. Her work has been featured in exhibitions internationally and in print and online publications. Amanda is also an educator and mentor whose mission is to challenge and inspire everyone in her care to find powerful and authentic ways to express themselves through the photographic arts. Amanda is currently a Visual Technology Teacher at High Tech High, a Gallery Educator at the Museum of Photographic Arts, and Lead Producer for Open Show San Diego, and formerly Director of the Athenaeum’s School of the Arts, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Grossmont College, Chairperson for the West Chapter of the Society for Photographic Education, and Contributing Writer for Lenscratch and the PhotoPlace Gallery.

Amanda Dean Dahlgren

Starting Bid $100
ITEM 01: "Pin Cushion" by Amanda Dean Dahlgren