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ITEM 07: "Visual Poem: Just This" by Jodie Hulden

ITEM 07:

"Visual Poem: Just This" by Jodie Hulden

Archival Pigment Print, Framed, 22” x 13”, Valued at $425

Artist Bio:
Jodie Hulden is a fine art, contemplative photographer whose photography
focuses on the poetry of intimate spaces, both wild and man-made. Her work has
been strongly influenced by Taoism, Chan and Zen Buddhism, ancient Chinese
landscape paintings, classical Chinese poetry and Japanese Haiku. She has a
degree in art from San Diego State University focusing on textiles and fiber arts.
She discovered her passion for black and white photography in the 1970’s,
influenced by Ansel Adams, Minor White and Walker Evans. She has mentored
with George DeWolfe, and studied with Carlan Tapp, Michael Frye, Brett Erickson
and Susan Burnstine. In 2017 she completed a month-long artist-in-residency at
Zion National Park. She was an award winner in 2018 at the Center Choice Awards
in Santa Fe, NM. In 2019 she was selected as one of the 200 Critical Mass Finalists
for her Seeing Silence portfolio. Also, in 2019 she published a book with Andy
Burgess of Dark Spring Press of her interior Bodie images titled Left Behind. She
has exhibited her work nationally at the Center for Photography Arts in Carmel,
CA, the Center of Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, PhotoPlace Gallery in
Vermont, the Yosemite Renaissance Exhibitions and the Photographer’s Eye
Gallery in Escondido, CA. She has been featured in On Landscape Magazine,
FotoRelevance, and Black and White Magazine (UK). Jodie lives in San Diego.

Jodie Hulden

Starting Bid $100
ITEM 07: "Visual Poem: Just This" by Jodie Hulden