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ITEM 15: "Opus No. 18, 2021" by Morgan DeLuna

ITEM 15:

"Opus No. 18, 2021" by Morgan DeLuna

Archival Pigment Print on Kozo Washi, Framed, 11.75" x 8.25" print, Valued at $750

Artist Bio:
Morgan DeLuna (b.1981) was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today she lives and works in Southern California.
Growing up Midwestern in a Lebanese, Norwegian, and Ashkenazi interfaith family led her to explore themes of identity, appearance, and human connection from an early age.
Morgan's visual arts practice integrates narrative, research, and her background in the performing arts to explore themes around the human condition and liminal space.
Morgan's work has been exhibited in spaces nationally and internationally, including the San Diego Art Institute, Los Angeles Center of Photography, and Gallery FotoNostrum in Barcelona. In addition to exhibitions, her work has been published in SHOTS Magazine and Diffusion Annual.

Morgan DeLuna

Starting Bid $150
ITEM 15: "Opus No. 18, 2021" by Morgan DeLuna