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ITEM 18: "Animistic Ground #59, 2017" by Robert Treat

ITEM 18:

"Animistic Ground #59, 2017" by Robert Treat

Archival Pigment Print, Framed, 11"x11" print, Valued at $450

Artist Bio:
Robert Treat is a California artist who spent his childhood growing up in rural Ohio. Being an only child, nature had always been a close companion to him. He spent many a summer afternoon closely exploring and observing the colors and forms of his outdoor environment.
Robert’s formal training is in Architecture and Fine Arts from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After graduation, his art interests expanded to include large format photography and film animation. Along with a photographic and painting career, he has been involved in the Hollywood animation industry for over thirty years. Over time, he has had the opportunity to study under a variety of creative individuals including Ansel
Adams, Paul Caponigro and Chuck Jones.
Primarily nature oriented, Robert’s photographs exhibit a strong structural awareness often verging into unconscious abstraction. These concerns are also apparent in his painting.
More recently Roberts photographs and paintings have begun to merge together combining alternative photographic processes and organic materials such as beeswax and asphalt. The resulting images reveal sensuous tactile surfaces along with strong active shapes.
For him it is a way to recover a primary sense of self, a quality that tends to get repressed by today’s modernity in general and media-representation in particular.
Robert currently resides in San Diego.

Robert Treat

Starting Bid $250
ITEM 18: "Animistic Ground #59, 2017" by Robert Treat