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Print Technique:

My Egyptian prints are all Pinhole images shot on 120 ASA 400 black and white negative film. I use an old 1930s Agfa bellows camera that I converted into a pinhole camera. I replaced the lens with a brass shim that was pierced with a superfine needle. My exposures were calculated using an incident light meter set at ISO 3 f64. The exposures run from a few seconds to ten minutes. The film images are 2 ¼ X 3 ¼ inches. The negatives were scanned into digital images. Then the ‘darkroom’ work was done in Adobe Photoshop. Negative transparencies were printed using an Epson SureColor P800. The negatives were contact printed on silver nitrate coated albumen permeated Arches Platine 145 gsm paper using a UV light source. The exposed paper was then developed in water, fixed, hypo-cleared, washed and hung to dry.

"Columns in Shadow""Disappearing Tourists""Face of Time""Hallway to Heaven""Horus at Edfu""Karnak Temple Looking Up""Obelisk""Passing Through (2)""Pharaoh's Kilt""Queen Nefertari""Rams' Road""Sarcophagus""Sphinx""Step Pyramid"