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Artist Statement:

The theme of the show is “Home”, fitting since we have spent so much time at home. While at home during this Pandemic, I have shot the usual photos of the yard, my dog, my meals and beers and have spent hours going through my photo archives, etc. During my sheltering in place, one of the most important and life changing moments took place, the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I have for the most part been proud of the Skateboarding Community over the years(for the most part) and I was especially proud in this moment that we came together in a ride against Racism and Police Brutality. On June 20th and June 21st which is International Go Skateboarding Day, we all came together in my hometown of San Diego and Encinitas to show our support. I put on my mask and grabbed my telephoto lens(for Social Distancing) and took a few shots of more than a 1000 skateboarders protesting peacefully in the way they do best, by skateboarding. So Proud of our community! This is my “Home”. Thank you @rollingforrightssd and Pushing for Peace.

J Grant Brittain
"Rolling For Rights #1,  San Diego""Rolling For Rights #2,  San Diego""Push For Peace #1, Encinitas""Push For Peace #2, Encinitas"