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Donna Cosentino
My passion for alternatively made photographic art has been an important part of my growth.
I have tried many processes and have taught several of them. Participating in the discovery, successes and frustrations, and finally learning to embrace imperfections, is a wonderful experience for student and teacher alike.

This special affection has led me to create an annual juried exhibition of Alternative Processes hosted by our gallery. Artist and professor Suda House was the inspiration for the title, (s)LIGHT OF HAND, referencing the magic made when one embarks on this creative journey.

Over one hundred sixty artworks were entered this year representing multiple processes. Lumens, Platinums, Mordençage, Handcolored, Gumbichromate, Carbon, Cyanotype, Transfers, 3-D, Photogravure, Orotones, Tintypes…this is just a partial list of processes that were seen by Juror Dan Burkholder. Entrants came from across the U.S, Canada and Ireland.

Dan chose the photogravures by Matthew Gammon (of Ireland) for his Juror’s Award and I selected Carmel’s Matt Connors’ Platinum Palladiums for my Director’s Award. These two photographers will share an exhibition in our gallery in June 2021 There were many in the running…classic to contemporary in style and substance making it very difficult to choose.

I hope all who have entered and those who view this special exhibition will appreciate and be inspired by the fine, one-of-a-kind work by the twenty-nine photographers in this exhibition.

Donna Cosentino - Gallery Director