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“Home” took on a different aspect for me when the current pandemic forced extremely strict stay-at-home orders here in San Diego County. The stay-at-home orders brought all my family within the house: myself, son, and daughter 24 hours a day. I relished spending more time with them during this period. This period at “Home” included photo sessions using my youngest child as model, as reflected in the Speak/Hear No Evil images.

In April, “Home” began to take on a different twist; more of a sanctuary due to the death of a close friend who lost his long battle with cancer. I slowly began to not want to venture outside the security/comfort of “Home.” Not really a fear but a comfort blanket. This was compounded in May with the death of another exceptionally good friend, more like one of my family, from COVID-19 complications. The house, “Home,” really took on a protective role and once again. This death occurred a week before Memorial Day, which is an extremely hard time for me. From Operation Desert Storm to Operations Enduring/Iraqi Freedom, several Marines under my charge along with some close friends have been killed in action. Their names and photos etched on memorials as testaments to the ultimate sacrifice they made. My thoughts go to why were those lives taken from us; why was I allowed to continue? This feeling is reflected in the Abstract Man series.

So, “Home" is more than a place. “Home” can be a state of mind, a mental and emotional refuge, and so much more.

Stephen Davis

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